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Weldianne Scales 

Magisterial District Judge Candidate 
for Magisterial District 05-2-08

Braddock Hills, Chalfant, Churchill, Forest Hills, and Swissvale

Thank you everyone for all the support  provided to our campaign for Magistrate. Although we did not receive the outcome we worked very hard to receive, we are proud that we ran a professional.  We appreciate endorsements received, the support of our volunteers, and the fundraising performed by the fundraising team.
Congratulations to the Primary winners.


Eligibility requirements and how to register to vote online, in person, or via mail.

To support my campaign, make a secure online donation to Friends for Weldianne Scales.

Show your support by displaying a sign and other ways to help out with the campaign.

Important Dates

Last Day  for  Mail-in  or Absentee ballot to be received by: May 16 , 2023  at 8pm


As a licensed attorney within the state of Pennsylvania and the United States Western District Court of Pennsylvania, Weldianne’s legal experience covers vast areas of civil litigation and criminal defense, as well as landlord tenant matters. Weldianne currently serves as a council member and the Vice President for the Borough of Swissvale Council. Over the years, she has been committed to empowering the people within the community. As the founder and chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the Swissvale Borough Council, she has been able to provide job opportunities for the youth and redress for victims of discrimination. Especially by focusing on the people in the community, Weldianne has been able to embrace diversity, implement the necessity of equitable solutions, provide equal access to justice, and foster inclusivity within the Swissvale community.


Now, Weldianne is running for Magisterial District Judge for the Magisterial District 05-2-08, which serves as the local court for the communities of Braddock Hills, Chalfant, Churchill, Forest Hills, Churchill, and Swissvale.

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Weldianne is fighting for a just and fair judicial system that is unbiased and respectful of people by actually protecting and empowering the people.

Protecting our most Vulnerable

As Magistrate I will fight to help our youth and empower them to become stakeholders in the community and move forward with a fair chance at  life.

Our youth should be protected and empowered to become stakeholders in the community and have a fair chance in pursuing life goals.

Communities are Protected by Experienced Judges that Serve with Integrity

As Magistrate, I am committed to applying the law consistently and fairly. 

Communities are protected by Judges that are experienced in the application of the law and the interpretation of the law. 

Communities are Empowered by Judges that are Committed and Impartial

As Magistrate I will fight for Justice for All, and treat  people with dignity, respect, and compassion.

The citizens of the community and its stakeholders deserve Judges that are committed to the application of the law in a consistent, fair, and impartial manner. Judges that are committed to public service in and out of the courtroom, provide equal access to Justice, and empower the community.   


Join our people-powered campaign to get Weldianne elected to the bench.

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